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My development logbook

My First Mac and Virtual Box Experience

I am officially a Mac convert.

Still learning how to survive on one mouse button and use these fn, control, option and command keys. But so far so good. My MBP experience is absolutely positive.

Before the purchase, I was slightly worried about if I may pay too much for a fine GUI. After last few days of hand-on experience, I think, as many MBP users has attested, the premium is well worth it.

I, in particular, appreciate the BSD root of Mac OSX. Whenever I cannot use the Mac OSX GUI to get thing done, I can always fall back to command line alternatives.

Vista is a staggering failure of MS Corp in every sense (I have used Vista for a year). As Paul Graham puts it, Microsoft has ceased to be relevant. They still have market share, but it is a market share going to erode fast, under the attacks of Sun, Linux and FOSS. The unwillingness to waste any more time on Vista is my prime motivation to switch.

The very first application I have downloaded is the VirtualBox. Basically within seconds I can start a new virtual instance of Ubuntu 8.04 beta. By default I can only ssh into the box via NAT. Will need to do some research to see how to get bridging done in Mac OSX.

The second application I tried is, not surprisingly, QuickSliver, an utility that warranted an hour of Google Tech Talk.