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It Is a Very Old News, Back in 2004:

It is a very old news, back in 2004:

“Three gamblers who won £1.3m at the Ritz Club casino using technology worthy of James Bond have been allowed to keep their winnings. The three people—described as a “chic and beautiful” Hungarian woman and two “elegant” Serbian men—were accused of using a laser scanner hidden inside a mobile phone to measure the speed of the ball on the roulette table at the St James club. This beamed the data to a microcomputer, which predicted where it would land, flashing the information on the phone’s screen. The trio was arrested in March.

London’s police have not said whether they found such a device. But on December 7th they announced that no further action would be taken and that their inquiry was over. The three suspects, who were on bail, are now free to leave Britain. The Times newspaper reported that because the high-tech scanner didn’t interfere with the ball or roulette wheel, the gamblers had not broken the law.”

It will not be hard to implement in Android or iOS these days, I suppose? :–)