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Madness of Powershell

Who will design a tool for IT professional this way? It is a pure maddness

I want to dump some output from powershell. It is a very common task but somehow Powershell takes the liberty to truncate the output based on arbitrary condition.

Apparently when I am testing the powershell script I use a resized and large DOS prompt for my work.

Use of ft -autoresise prints the full string of the Commandline field in one line. It is what I need. wrap or nowrap does not produce desired result.

After testing is done, I deploy the script to run as a background task.

Now powershell decides it wants to truncate the commandline field. Now I am getting some “c:\some\path…” instead of the full path of the executables.

Utter maddenss. A waste of everyone’s time!


    ft -AutoSize | out-string -width 4096