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Why We Should Love Repost

Maybe ‘love’ is a strong word. In reddit it is common to see vengeance against reposts. Sometimes it is probably justified: the OP may change title in a misleading way to fish for karma. I will not save my downvote in this case.

However sometimes the reposts, especially of historial events, were made by new users who had no recollection of the stories at all because they were too young at the time.

It did not need to go too far back at time too. A teenager today is merely 8 or 9 years ten years ago, right? They would barely pay attention to current affair of their time. Events we took for granted that everyone should know are simply not in the memory of the younger generation.

I begin to be aware of this phenomena when some younger redditors said how their minds are blown when they see the footages of, says, Tiananmen Square Massacre for the first time. For many of us in our 30 or older, we saw the Tiananmen Square Massacre unfolded in front of our eye. However for many youngsters, Tiananmen Square Massacre is history.

Therefore we should be more tolerant of reposts. They help to build up the collective memory of humanity. Let us all learn some lesson form our past mistakes.