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Good and Bad of Octopress

After used octopress for a couple of days seriously as a blogging platform, this is a list of good and bad I feel about the platform:

First a list of bad

1) It takes time to build and release changes. Whenever I release a new post, I need to regenerate the site (takes up to several minutes for about 850 posts at the time of writing) and then commit the changes to the github. And then there is usually some delay between the commit and the final appearance of the new post on the site.

2) With Octopress I will tend not to post spontaneously/impulsively as I was with Tumblr. It is because I will not be able to write and post with Octopress unless I am near my PC. Tumblr is, on the other hand, a web-based service and they have native apps on mobile platforms too. So I tend to post more on tumblr.

The goods:

1) The Octopress framework is very flexible. Anyone can write up any plugin in ruby to enhance the platform or add a new feature

2) I get to use my favorite editor vim

3) Writing programming topic is painful in Tumblr. It is more enjoyable to do it in Octopress

4) I get to keep my the primary material – All blog posts, theme customisation and pictures etc are created and verison-controlled on my PC in the first place.

5) Since it takes time to build and release the blog, the up-side is that I will post subjects that is worth writing about, instead of instagram-ish entries that are only there because it is convenient to pick a picture and post on a mobile phone.

What I need now is a decent way to spell-check in vim/emacs.