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The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski (12)

Finally reached the final chapter of the book.

The point of departure for the needed [US] policy has to be hard-nosed recognition of the three unprecedented conditions that currently define the geopolitical state of world affairs: for the first time in history, (1) a single state is a truly global power, (2) a non-Eurasian state is globally the preeminent state, and (3) the globe’s central arena, Eurasia, is dominated by a non-Eurasian power.

One of the interesting theme in this book is that it has an taken-for-granted conviction that USA The Only Global Power on Earth is a given. The author does not even try to explain why it should be the case. The whole book is basically a guide or a blueprint of how to project American influence onto Eurasia, the most important landmass on Earth.

This book is still relevant today because it helps one to understand the underlying principle of USA’s foreign policy since the G. W. Bush/Neocon era. ( You probably can argue it is not entirely different from that before then)