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Deep State

I have to say the points made by Professor Peter Dale Scott are rather disturbing.

Basically it is the same old story we heard again and again: USA government is controlled by a military-industrial complex (MIC).

In this interview, Peter has thrown in a lot of supporting evidence. The very existence of the Deep State has destabilized the Democratic state of USA.

An example he cited is the sponsorship of the Islamic extremist in Afghan back in the 80’s. The whole goal of the exercise is to, in Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s word, “to give USSR their Vietnam”. The idea was strongly opposed by the State Department, but it was still carried out at the end by the CIA. The Democratic State (the elected President and his cabinet) simply could not stop the clandestine operations.

USSR, in hindsight, would eventually collapse given the mismanagement of her economic activities. However, the hawks in the MIC wanted a total victory. Eventually USA reaped what she sowed: the Islamic extremist, led by bin Laden, struck USA in downtown New York.