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Stock Market

Quote from Hong Kong Economic Journal:

證明泡沫在一片悲觀中膨脹,在一片樂觀中爆破 泡沫結束期股市將十分寧靜,鰠進入寧靜期之前則必然有多次反彈,叫做牛陷阱(Bull traps) 狂牛往往粛極度熱鬧時死亡,而巨熊死前則好寧靜。


It proves that a Bubble forms amid permissim, and busts when optimism finally prevails.

When a Bubble is near its end, the stock market becomes very quiet. But before entering the period of tranquillity, there are a lot of rebounce. It is known as the Bull Traps.

The raging bull dies when there is an extreme exuberance, whereas the giant bear's death preceded by quietness.