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My development logbook


When I write this blog, I fully expect this information, given the exponential growing digital archive storage, will be kept for prosperity eternally.

As long as we can capture all these information in digital form of which, I can assure you, this tiny article is already in, then you, my dear reader, will always be capable of reaching this article, as long as you are so determined to know something about me.

The problem is: now since we remember so well, we are losing the ability to forgive and forget.

For example, some people made mistakes. Some people made mistakes occasionally, some people made mistakes all too often. We probably do not want to give forgiveness to perpetual liers, but we also should not dwell on one’s bad move, which could be a result of poor judgment or simply circumstantial.

But today, every records are digitized. We can crosschecked records in A against records in B. Past stories no longer faded into oblivion with time.

As if they are trapped in a perpetual time capsule whose accessibility, paradoxically, is just a mouse click away.

A new generation of offenders now are the all-reaching social networks. It expands, it keeps tracks, it feeds on your personal information. Your misdeeds, once made public, by your own hands or not, will be instantly available to the World, and can never be retracted.

Your friend and your acquaintance will never forget too.

Those who watched will remember, those who had not will attempt to find out, those forgot can search to refresh the memory.

How will this impact human collective EQ is yet to be seen.

But I am glad this gives me a legitimate excuse to create a new word: Oversocialnetworkisation.

(The only worry is: the above “manifesto” makes me sound a bit like the Unibomder…)