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Have It Both Ways

Just had a chat with a colleague the other day. He was watching the BoC (Bank of China) Stock. My colleague said the stock price was depressed due to its involvement in the sub-prime market. A spokesperson of the bank said they are in it because their traders are “inexperienced”.

I cannot help but laugh! “Inexperienced”? You really can’t have it both way: when you are making money, you are the smartest person on the world. All the profit are the result of your vision, insight, education, risking-taking spirit, understanding of market and sophistication. But when the tide turns against you, “Oops, ya know, this thing is kinda new to me”. Yet handsome bonus is still waiting for you at the end of the year, like usual.

It does not make sense to me. You should not have it both ways.

(*What my colleague said is not fact checked)
(Writing in a slightly sarcastic mode)